Frequently Asked Questions...


  • I have no musical training.. Will I be able to play guitar?  Yes! Anyone can learn to play the guitar. 
  • How long before I start playing?  You'll be playing in the very first lesson. 
  • How can you guarantee my results?  I've been teaching people for many years with a very successful track record of great results. Check me on YELP HERE!
  • I'd like to take lessons with my child. Do you do group lessons?  Yes, it's possible and sometimes works really well - especially  with families.  
  • I don't have a guitar yet..  Where can I get one?   Let me know what you're looking for, your budget, and I'll help you find one. 
  • Acoustic guitar or electric guitar?  Either are ok to start with, it just depends on which you like.. Eventually you can play both!
  • How long before I get "good" at playing the guitar?  The more you practice, the faster you will progress - it's that simple.  
  • How much do lessons cost?  Send me your location and availability for a quote. 
  • How often are the lessons?  Lessons are typically once a week on a convenient set schedule. 
  • Where are the lessons?  Generally I go to your location for the lessons but we can possibly arrange you coming to my studio. 
  • I live outside the LA area.  Can we do video lessons?  Yes. 
  • I've got an old clunker guitar..  Can we use it?  We just might be able to make some tweaks to it and it'll be fine to get you started.

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